How we can help you

Le Cornu Lewis Hancock provides a wide range of personalised financial and business services, excluding the practice of audit and insolvency.


A full range of accounting services are offered by Le Cornu Lewis Hancock. These include:

  • Financial Statement preparation
  • Secretarial services
  • Corporate compliance
  • Business and estate planning advice


Le Cornu Lewis Hancock help you to ensure that all legal taxation requirements are met and then we use our expertise to ensure that valuable opportunities are not overlooked. Both internal and external legal professionals are consulted to complement advice where appropriate.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Income Taxes
  • Goods and Services Tax
  • Fringe Benefits Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • State Taxes, including Payroll Tax, Land Tax, Workcover and Stamp duty
  • Substantiation requirements

Business Management And Succession Planning

With years of experience in business management and succession planning, Le Cornu Lewis Hancock is qualified to provide you with advice and assistance to operate businesses effectively and profitably for the longer term.

Both the Partners and senior staff are involved with various industries, including manufacturing, primary industries, investment and various professions. They have also been involved in intergenerational changes, business restructuring for incoming and existing family members and acquiring and selling businesses and/or properties. This involvement adds to Le Cornu Lewis Hancock's depth of industry knowledge, and ensures that quality, timely advice can be provided to you.